Amber Valley Ramblers Derbyshire

Leading the way in Amber Valley

Walk Diary Wednesday 21 November 2018 Weather. 5°C.Brrrr.
Elton Village Depart 10 a.m. 7 ¾ miles Leader: Gerry White
No. on walk 22

The thought, before arriving in Elton, was that numbers for today would be almost in single figures, howsoever, we were very pleasantly surprised by todays great turnout. All assembled near to the church, dressed in the warmest of clothing, were many happy smiley faces which by the end had become somewhat reddened after enduring, what felt like to us, mid-winter weather. The walk went off at a fair pace but no one complained as it was good to get some heat into cold immobile limbs. Even lunch was taken at some haste, some of us, oh alright one of us, not quite up to speed when it came consuming, all in the nose bag, anyway I soon caught them up, once I’d got my bag repacked!

One of the points we were looking out for today, was what we think may be a lost way, which we thought worthwhile looking into. Starting in the east near to the entrance of Greenlow Farm, map ref: SK222580, a green way, walled on both sides and finishing after just over a third of a mile at map ref: SK217578 near to Rockhurst Farm, a picture of the eastern end is below. It is important to register all possible routes, as after 2026 they cannot be claimed as historical rights of way. If you know or have a similar way, that is not on the DCC designated Rights of Way map, then contact John Morrissey our footpath secretary.

We set off from our host village, walking south along Exlowmoor Lane, passing by a small plantation, this planted in the late nineties, by the Peak Park Authority with funds supplied by the family of the late Marianne Hinnells, dedicated to her memory, pictures of inscription below. There we met with a Peak Park agent who had been inspecting the woodland, which is also used as an educational centre for youngsters, sadly, he tells us that fly tippers also know of this lovely Beech plantation. Carrying on we made our way, nearly to the end of Stunstead Lane, before turning right to cross the A5012 and then climbing steeply up to take our morning break beside the small spinney near to Greenlow Farm.

With some difficulty we clambered over the various stiles around the farmyard, exiting onto the road, near to the aforementioned greenway. We took the road north and then west to Rockhurst Farm, to follow a broad lane all the way to Holly Bush Farm, some one point seven miles in length. We re-crossed the main road, walking the dale ahead on an open access path. We had a brief look in at the entrance to the underground Mouldridge Mine, lead was mined here, on and off, over several centuries finally closing in 1954. Further down the dale we had our lunch stop, close to the gate into Long Dale.

With lunch swiftly taken, we walked Long Dale east, taking the path back up to the A5012. After walking east, beside this busy route, for less than one hundred yards, we turned onto the path which seems to cross every field in a diagonal direction all the way back into Elton. Just before entering the village, you will see that we passed some inquisitive goats that seemed to be as interested in us as we were in them. It was then just a few more steps back through the village, to the cars after a very enjoyable walk and it didn’t rain once.


4a8574a8584a859 Pictures by James W.


Tuesday, December 18, 2018