Amber Valley Ramblers Derbyshire

Leading the way in Amber Valley

The Footpath Maintenance Group Workday of Tues 25 April 2017.


It was the start of several sessions in conjunction with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust working under their remit of footpath provision. The Ecclesbourne Way was the one we worked on today, an aging wooden crossing of a deep ditch feeding the River Ecclesbourne was renewed together with placing a new gate. The site, materials used and various stages of progress are as pictured and of course the excellent liaison with the Wildlife Trust who brought the tools and materials to a difficult off road location made it all possible.


As readers will have read before in these cases where old structures are replaced there is at least as much to do before rebuilding as there is in constructing anew because old posts have to be dug out and holes made for the new timbers. It is in alignment and making a nice job of it, enabling walkers to pass and keeping livestock in. This involves keeping (and in many cases improving) the support of existing fencing and today applied to what was done each side of the ditch. Peter W.

PW1PW2PW3PW4Pictures by peter W.



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