Amber Valley Ramblers Derbyshire

Leading the way in Amber Valley


Footpaths Team. 1 August 2017 .

Today's task was to complete the earlier work on the Ecclesbourne Way, near Cliff Ash Lane, where we had worked under the auspices of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. They had procured two large timbers to be fitted by us to the foot bridge we had constructed earlier. A good deal of drilling, sawing and fitting was involved, often lifting the existing structure to allow for the permanent placement of stronger bearers. This kept the four of us busy leading, as you will see in the picture, to a good sturdy result and it is hoped many will walk over it in the years to come.
The wicket gate was also improved now the bridge timbers have been remedied, ensuring security for farm stock and a smooth passage for walkers. We were fortunate with the weather, otherwise this article would be asking all to go to the coast and look out for some familiar looking persons clinging on to two pieces of timber, as the ditch, over which we were working, ran straight into the River Ecclesbourne. Text and pictures by Peter W.



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