Amber Valley Ramblers Derbyshire

Leading the way in Amber Valley

Walk Diary Sunday 28 January 2018 Weather 9°C. Fine and Breezy
Stanton By Dale Depart 10 a.m. 10 ½ miles Leader: Sue R.
No. on walk 13

An excellent walk in very fine sunny weather, although at touch breezy at times, we walked around some very interesting historical and archaeological sites two of which most of us hadn’t known were there.

We set off from Dale road in the village, near to Manor Farm to join the Midshires Way just after passing Risley Lodge Farm. It was here that we found our first point of interest, an information board placed near to the ‘way’ giving details of The Risley Lanx. A Lanx was a large Roman silver offering plate, used to put offerings in upon an altar. In 1725, so the board says, a plough brought up the plate, it then appeared to go missing until 1990 when it was rediscovered, sent to the British Museum. Later it was discovered to be a fake, as it appears that the original was broken up into pieces, some now held by various private individuals.

We walked on to Constitution Hill, still following the ‘way’ only this part a well made Bridle Way, created by The British Horse Society and other interested groups. It was along this stretch that we stopped for our first break. We carried on to pass Sandiacre Lodge Farm, turning, to pass Boyah Grange. Then we came across another information board telling of the discovery of a Romano British Farm building, the site marked by poles in a nearby field, given the name of Little Hay Grange in Thack Meadow.

After this we turned for Ockbrook Wood and then to walked the Midshires Way again alongside Dale Hills. We followed this to cross the busy A6090 to enter Locko Park, walking down to the lake for a great lunch stop. We watched, as we ate, a large flight of Gulls as they tried to out manoeuvrer each other over the water, showing great aerobatic skills as they did so.

With lunch over we took the north east path by Locko Hall to just before Hill Farm. This next section was very muddy in places as we made our way to pass the cafe at Hollies Farm, to where some of us retired to after the walk was over. Onward now to Flourish Farm, recrossing the ‘A’ road once more heading down into Dale Abbey. We walked through the village, pausing to look at the interesting All Saints Church, which you will see from the picture is half church half house.

We now went onto more familiar territory, as we climbed into Hermit’s Wood to visit the renowned ‘Hermit’s Cave’. A former baker of the twelfth century became a hermit, living in these caves which was beside the important Salt Way that used to run below these hills. There are many steps up to it and even more to climb to the top of the wood. We then crossed the fields to touch on our outward track at Boyah Grange, this time continuing east to cross one road and onward to Dale Road, which we followed back into Stanton and our waiting cars. A very interesting day out, with time given to look at the various points of interest mentioned above. Thanks Sue.


Saturday, May 26, 2018