Amber Valley Ramblers Derbyshire

Leading the way in Amber Valley

Walk Diary Sunday 21 January 2018. Weather, 1°C. Snow
Codnor Market Place Depart 10 a.m. 9 ¼ miles Leader: David d.
No. on walk 11

A great day, much better than I ever expected, it snowed gently for most of the walk and by the time it stopped, just before the end, there were accumulations of just over one inch. The heavy rain which was forecast didn’t arrive until we were safely in our cars and on the way home. We had a good turnout, considering all things and I suppose if there is a benefit to be had, it was that they were keen to get going, hence I was given the go ahead to go a bit quicker than my normal group stride. We were all done and dusted by one forty five.

We set off, as I have already said at a good brisk pace, setting the pattern for the whole walk. After crossing the A6007 walking some of the streets south wards, turning back to touch on to the A6007 and very briefly heading towards Waingrooves, before taking to the footpaths, walking the ones which were nearest to the western side of the aforementioned ‘A’ road, until retuning to walk alongside it at Loscoe, stopping for our first break in Red River Park close by the church.

With the short break over, as someone in the group said, “it’s not weather to be standing around for too long in”, we crossed over the main road to walk the lane beside the Loscoe reclamation site, which I am told was the former coal pit entrance.
At the bottom of the lane, still walking east, we followed well made paths across the former coal pit site now reclaimed for recreation, eventually ending up in Aldercar, beside the A610. From here we walked east into Langley Mill, crossing over the main railway line, turning left at the road junction to then walk under the A610. We followed its line east, for a short way and then climbed steeply for the next half mile passing by New and Mill Farms as we did so.

It was still not lunch time so we carried on to Brinsley and walked up to and through Brinsley Hall Farm, dropping down to the west to enter Erewash Meadows Nature Reserve, where we settled briefly near to a hedge line for a very quick lunch break.

We followed on beside the line of the Cromford Canal and at the second footpath junction turned left to cross over the railway lines via a high sided footbridge. We slid our way along a muddy footpath through the snow clad trees, exiting at the ride below Codnor Castle. We then followed the track uphill past the Castle and Ormonde Fields, both of which were on our left. Codnor then quickly came in view as we descended a steep hill, which needed to be done with some care. It would have been good to have a sled at this point. Just a half mile further on we entered the village close to the car park. The former snow had now begun to turn to sleet and rain, so perhaps it was a good job that we pushed on when we did.


Saturday, May 26, 2018