Amber Valley Ramblers Derbyshire

Leading the way in Amber Valley

Walk Diary Wednesday 13 December 2017 Weather 5°C. over cast
Cromford Meadows C.P. depart 10 a.m. 6 miles Leader: Gerry White
No. on walk 10

It all started off so well, until the last half an hour when it bucketed it down, so the walk was shortened a little although we still got a soaking. The car park was just like an ice rink, we didn’t try it though, we trod steadily until reaching the road, from then on our leader found some very good paths, that were in the main quite passable.

This was probably a truer ramble than most, with our leader having several ways in mind, so if we came to a really icy bit, he always had an alternative and safer way in mind and it worked. From the car park we walked over the tunnel above Cromford Station and then followed along well known paths to walk through Wood End and Bow Woods. On exiting Bow Wood, near to Smedley’s mill we made our way down the road to High Peak junction, where we stopped for our morning break, at the picnic tables there. We were joined by a Robin, pictured, who did rather well for itself from the crumbs offered and received. The cold weather always seems to tame these creatures as they become brave in their search for food.

After the break we crossed over the busy A6 and made our way up a hollow way through Birch Wood, turning west to walk along the Midshires Way. Rather than turn right to go down Intake Lane, we made a left following a well used path over Cromford Moor to Big Plantation, from here we made our way down to Black Rocks car park and made a stop for lunch, again using picnic tables there for the purpose.

From the car park and it had now begun to rain we took the path into Dimons Dale, walking parallel below the High Peak Trail, eventually making our way down across the grassy meadows to rejoin Intake Lane, recrossing the A6 and so back to the skating rink!

There was plenty to look at, but always with a cautious eye on the ground, as there were many tiny ice patches waiting for the unwary. Most of the north side of the valley was clear of any frozen snow, but looking across the A6 towards Middleton and Wirksworth, you will see from the pictures, still had a Christmas card look.

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